In a used car market of Japan

In a used car market of Japan, the existence of the country called Russia is extremely big. In the used car export, I am proud of the export number equal to 10% of used car export of our country number (the 2014 results) and always particularly occupy the high rank with used car export number for the past 25 years. As for the change of the domestic situation, the export market will have all the more a big influence on the overall used car circulation from the start.
Annual export number has recorded 563,369 which occupied 42% of whole in memory in Russian 1 country in the new place in 2008. However, because Kremlin raised a duty in the next year, I was depressed to 53,180 which did not reach 10% of the last year at a stretch and have shaken the industry. In the exporter, it was a serious affair to have a big influence on the integration and abolition of the purchase supplier, the whole used car market including the business reduction of the auction-related company from the start, but I come to here, and dark clouds begin to drift in the environment surrounding the Russia market again.
It is from the time when the Ukraine situation after the Sochi Olympics held in last February has begun to strengthen a degree of the strain that the sign of the change has begun to be seen in the Russian market. European and American economic sanctions stopped by including Japan, and the economy of Russia was gradually sluggish, and a crude oil price slumped when it was more in autumn, and it was the form that the Louvre fell at a stretch again, and the wretched situation pursued and made further attacks on.

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